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My Aim is to provide you with the best Osprey fishing experience in a beautiful pond at the city of Aviemore in Scotland.


The hides are situated right on the water edge and no matter where an osprey dives it will be in view of the camera lens.

This is a fully guided session where a Rothiemurchus guide will be in radio contact with photographers in the hides informing them of what is going on above them and helping to describe when and where the osprey will go down (restricted view in the hides).

Cost: £135 for one session or £215 for two consecutive sessions during the peak season (June – August) and £80 per session during April and May. Evening photography on demand for £100 (5pm-8.30pm roughly).

Timings: time of year dependant but roughly 4.30am -9.30am (guide will phone in advance to speak to each client).

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